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Welcome to empowr,
where you earn by simply posting:
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The new simple guide to earning on FanBox

My fellow FanBoxers,

As you may have noticed, the FanBox engineers have been working on a series of interconnected products and features, many of which have begun to roll out.

All of these items have been as a result of your feedback and suggestions…

… which you have been sharing with them through your Success Coaches...

... and through the monthly feedback system that pops up on your screen once a month:
 The new simple guide to earning on FanBox

By the way:

Thanks for your honest and open feedback. It is only through your telling us what's not right…

…. and your patience with us as we work down the list of things you need and want…

… that we will eventually earn a 10 from you.

And believe me when I say this – we absolutely want to be a 10 for you... Everyone (members, SCs and employees) have invested way too much time and energy into this experiment and have sacrificed way too much – to be OK with giving you a mere “OK” experience.

We will absolutely get there… so please keep the feedback coming!


You have asked for simplification

One of the things you’ve been asking for, is for us to simplify both the way earnings can be achieved and success can be reached…

…  and the way new people can be educated and “on-boarded” on their way to success.

We’re getting closer to the goal of simplicity…

… and with all the new items that have begun to roll out, and those that are about to roll out in the coming days…

… I’m sure you’ll agree that simplicity is getting closer and closer to being achieved.


Without further delay, I’ll share with you this simple 3-step guide to earning…

It applies to your blog posts, your photos and, soon, your videos:

1.  Post QUALITY items DAILY

2.  Build a LARGE fan base

3.  Build a LOYAL fan base


Is that simple enough?

How did everything get so simple?

As you will see in the coming days and weeks, a suite of new products and features are rolling out to enable this simplicity.


Let's add a bit more detail: 

1.  Post QUALITY items DAILY

A. You earn when your fans and friends view your fresh posts in their homepage feeds.

B.  Your fans will spread your quality posts (by reposting, liking or commenting)…

… and you also earn when their fans view your fresh posts in their homepage feeds


2.   Build a LARGE fan base

The more fans you have, the more people view your posts in their feed - so the more you earn

And what’s the best way to get more fans?

Become a fan of more people!


3.  Build a LOYAL fan base

Your biggest fans are the ones that share your posts with their own fans bases frequently and early

… leaving enough time for your posts to spread and earn while they’re still fresh


Want even more detail?  Keep reading: 

You earn when your fans and friends view your fresh posts in their homepage feeds. 

So, what does “fresh” mean?

Fresh means within 24 hours.

You earn when anyone views your content in their homepage feeds, within 24 hours of the moment you posted the content.

So, if someone views my content in their homepage feed, only a moment after 24 hours, I don’t earn from it?

Yes. That is correct. You only earn from your fresh content.

So, that’s why you want to post DAILY – to maximize your earnings.


So is there any value to me, from my posts that are circulating out there...

... getting hundreds or thousands of views after the “freshness” (24 hour) period?


There is tremendous value in your posts that are circulating out there, after the freshness period expires:

1.  Your posts are gaining you fans – which are critical for your earnings from all future posts.

2.   Every time a fan clicks on the item, or Likes, Comments or Reposts it, you are brought up to the top of their “Top Stories” ranking – meaning that your future posts will go into their Top Stories feed.

(Learn how Top Stories works)


What is the “homepage feed”? 

That’s the page all users see when they first sign in, or click the FanBox logo – or the “Home” link in the top black bar at the top of each page on FanBox.


So, if someone views my post on another page (such as on my profile) do I earn?

No. You only earn when they view it in their homepage feed…

… – unless they followed a FanBox Ad, which is a different topic that we’ll be reviewing in the future.


Have you noticed that some people are earning really well with their posts?

                 The new simple guide to earning on FanBox 


Let’s take a look at how this is happening:

Here you are:
                                    The new simple guide to earning on FanBox


When you post new content, you earn when your posts are seen by your fans and friends:
                          The new simple guide to earning on FanBox 


If they think your post is fantastic, they’ll share it with their fans and friends - so you earn even more:
          The new simple guide to earning on FanBox 


And if those people think it’s fantastic, they’ll do the same, and you earn much more:
The new simple guide to earning on FanBox 


Some important points to notice:

1.  Clearly, most of your earnings come from people who are NOT even your friends and fans!

With each new fan you gain, you're building your network (your fans of fans... and fans of fans of fans... and so forth) even larger!


2.  Your earnings from that post depend on how fast your post spreads in its “freshness” period (24 hours).

So, as important as building a LARGE fan base, is building a LOYAL fan base – that are there for you… willing to spread your posts to their own (carefully built) fan bases.

And another reason the LOYALTY of your fan base matters is because it makes a world of difference as to whether someone spreads your post when it is only a few minutes old…

…. or whether it is many hours old.


The sooner they spread it, the more levels out it can spread before its “freshness” period expires.

Each level it spreads out, brings in a larger and larger group of people (and earnings).


Is this all making sense?

You want to post QUALITY posts…

Otherwise your fans will not want to spread it to their fan bases. 

Remember, their fan bases are very important to them too…

… if they are sharing low quality items, their own fans may “hide” them from their Top Posts – which kills their own earning abilities in the future.   

(Learn about the Hide feature)


You want to post DAILY…

… because on the days your don't post, you don't earn! 

Remember, you only earn on your fresh posts.


You want to have a LARGE fan base…

… so that more people are ready to share your posts


You want to work to make your fan base LOYAL…

…. so they're looking for your QUALITY posts to share QUICKLY – so your posts spread as far and wide as possible before their freshness period expires.

Question:  What’s the best way to build loyalty in your fans?

Answer:  Be loyal to your fans! 

It’s called “reciprocity”:

People that you are a good fan of, will notice and appreciate that, and will work harder to be a better fan for you.

Guess what?

Next week, FanBox is launching a new tool for Power Users to see who their Biggest Fans are…

... so they can use their own time and energy wisely – and be Big Fans right back to those people that are being so good to them!



Earning on FanBox has been simplified. 

To maximize your earnings:


1.  Post QUALITY items DAILY

2.  Build a LARGE fan base

3.  Build a LOYAL fan base


Lastly, and to point out the obvious:

If you are not a Power User, to maximize your earnings, you’ll want to become a Power User immediately.

Power Users are earning many times more than non-Power Users, as I am sure you have noticed by now.


(Why do Power Users matter so much and are treated so well on FanBox?

          Hint: It has to do with the FanBox mission)?


Any questions? I’m here for you.


Abdul Ali

Great post thanks for sharing

73 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Awesome, simplicity is the best step to success.
Thanks for the updates JC and congratz for the Jr. :p

73 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Hello JC what about refreshing the old post. I mean edit it and republish. Is it not counted as fresh?
It is like creating a new post and paste the old post on there.

73 months ago
Martin Binnington

That's a really good point actually. I spent some time this week revamping a few posts and updating a story I wrote... Does that count as a 'fresh' post?

73 months ago
Johnny Cash

Dusting off your old posts does not count as fresh. :)

But they do count for waking up your old fans and blog followers, so that they continue to bring you to their Top Stories (by clicking on those newly updated posts in your feed) -- which means increased future earnings for you.

73 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

Thank you JC for this tips.

73 months ago
CArMz Ca

THanks Again JC. Love it!

73 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Thank you for sharing these most informative post dear JC.

73 months ago
Anna P

A bigger fan base, quality posts, a loyal fan base and of course POWER USER is the key to succeed on FanBox.
Thank you JC, these are amazing news.
Welcome Simplicity!

73 months ago
Martin Binnington

Does this apply to both photos and blogs, JC?
I can see how having this rule for photos will work, since adding a few good quality photos each day can create regular earnings.
But I've always thought of blogging as a long-term thing. I might spend hours thinking about what to write, and come up with something really good. It wouldn't seem fair for it to stop earning after 24 hours...

73 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Martin,

This applies to photos, blogs and videos.

And you raise good points - let's discuss:

I agree that your blogs are definitely longer-term things. Good, thought-provoking blog posts can not just bring your fans (like photos can) but they can also bring you blog followers - which increases your earnings even further.

In addition, people are more likely to click on a blog post (in their feed) that they care about, which ensures you stay in their their Top Stories....

.... whereas with photos, most of the "value" from the photo can be gained by simply viewing the photo: There is no need for the viewer to click the photo. So quality blog posts can help you gain future (longer-term) earnings because they help you stay in the Top Stories of your fans and friends.

A suggestion towards your blogging strategy (which I will be posting about soon):

Just like TV networks have learned to break up programs into 30 min segments (22 minutes if you don't count the commercial time), you might want to start breaking your blog posts into bite-sized, smaller "episodes"...

... that keep you posting (and earning) daily; and keep your fans wanting more and more; and makes it easier (and more fun) for you to post -- and less likely to face "writer's block".

73 months ago
Martin Binnington

I think I understand. Both blogs and photos (and videos when the feature becomes active) earn when they remain in the 'top post' feed of my fans.

I already break my stories up into smaller chapters, but since they're things that are continually under construction they can take a while to write. I'm one of those people who prefers to write something of substance, not just a randomly copied article from the Internet (unless it's a really cool video I discovered!)

Thanks for taking the time to explain away my confusion :-)

73 months ago
* Shahzad *

I Love it. Thanks for sharing the new info and curious to see the new product to know who is my biggest Fan! But I think, it must be JC! ;-) ... lol... Cheers

73 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yes, Shahzad - you called it!

I AM your BIGGEST FAN! :) :)

73 months ago
* Shahzad *

I'm Grateful! ... And So I am YOURS Too!

73 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yes!!! I like it! :)

73 months ago
Deborah Rolon

This is GREAT!!! Cheers!!!! :))))

73 months ago
Brian C Woosley

Awesome post JC! It doesn't get any simpler than that everyone! The more you work on building relationships with people and providing them with quality content and knowledge - the more you earn!

73 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Hi JC.
A post can be a picture or a blogpost.
I wonder when someone views a new blogpost in their homepage feeds, do they have to read the whole post ( after clicking on Read More) or do they just have to see that I posted a new one, without actually reading it?
Thank you.

73 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Catharina, they just need to view your post in their feed. They don't even need to click it -- for you to earn.

But if they click it, you go to the top of their Top Stories -- and if they like, repost or comment on it -- it spreads to their fans and friends.

(And if they find it to be low quality, they might Hide you from their feed).

So for blogging success -- just like photo success - it will boil down to quality posts.

73 months ago
Paresh Kadam

Superb! I loved this idea very much. Everyday something new will be found. in the beginning it might be a little bit difficult but I am pretty sure the FanBoxers will come out daily with innovations and thus it will preserve the freshness. The more freshness you serve more you earn, Cheers! Thank you very much for such nice updates and bringing freshness to FanBox.

73 months ago
Catharina Claessens

It's a great way to earn money. Good posts will survive (Top Stories).
Your friends and fans, while logging into FanBox, will be curious and they'll wonder who has uploaded beautiful pictures, interesting blog posts.
Thank you. I hardly can't wait for the other new features to be launched. It's all very exciting.

73 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

That´s great news. Thanks a lot.

73 months ago