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I Will Be Here

by Power User Iftikhar Ahmad on January 31, 2017

I Will Be Here


If in the morning when you wake,
If the sun does not appear,
I will be here.
If in the dark we lose sight of love,
Hold my hand and have no fear,
I will be here.

I will be here,

Never Without Love

Types of Love Relationships
Love is a word that is used more often than meant, or, should we say that different folks have different experiences and understanding when it comes to this word.

This twisted-yet-powerful feeling has been a subject of research and study since time immemorial. Right from Sigmund Freud to Abraham Maslow to Theodor Reik, many prominent psychoanalysts have developed varied theories of love and attraction, to understand how one can achieve satisfaction and happiness when it comes to being "in love" with someone. The following sections discuss two of the most popular categorizations of love and more.

The Different Types of Love Styles
Didn't we say that the one word 'love' has been used in the English language to describe the many feelings of the heart? Interestingly, the modern English language still lacks what the Greek language had even during the ancient times. Yes, the Greeks addressed love with four different words, depending upon how the feeling was induced. These are: Éros (intimate love/sexual passion), Agápe (unconditional love/charity for all), Philia (love for friends/between equals), and Storge (love for parents and children). Related to these Greek descriptions, Canadian psychologist, John Alan Lee, developed the theory of six types of love, in his book 'The Colors of Love' published in 1973. These six basic love styles are explained as under.
Eros is the kind of love that is ruled by an uncontrolled passion and desire for the other. The passion is mostly sexual in nature. Here, a person falls in love with the outer beauty of the person and is smitten by him/her. Named after the Greek god of fertility, Éros, this is what we call the love that has a sense of illogical craze for the other person. The perfect example would be the case of Romeo and Juliet.
Agape is the love marked by altruism and self-sacrifice. It is the union in which a partner isn't someone who comes in one's life to make things better, rather, he/she is considered as a gift, a responsibility, a blessing that needs to be cherished and taken care of, even if it costs one his/her own comfort and needs. The happiness of the other person comes before one's own happiness. A wonderful example of this would be the beautiful story written by O. Henry, 'The Gift of the Magi'.
Flirty Couple
Love isn't always all fun and games, but this statement doesn't apply to the ludus lovers! The couple isn't serious about the longevity of the relationship, rather, the whole concept is taken as a game. Here, a breakup isn't a major heartbreak as one tends to find a new replacement quite instantly. Also, the ludus type of lover isn't someone you could bank on when

14 tips on how to talk to your crush and make them like you

Are you falling in love with someone but do not know how to talk to your crush and make them fall in love with you? The thought of striking a conversation with your crush might make you feel a little bit anxious at the beginning. However, if you take things slow and concentrate on the right approach that contains 3 main stages – the introduction, the attention and the chemistry stage – then you will recognize it is not as difficult as your thoughts.

The following tips will show you useful tips to help you get your crush noticing you and like you back. In this article, I will go directly to the topic, no sugar coating here, but I make sure that everyone can make use of these tricks easily. 

I. How To Talk To Your Crush – 8 Ways To Start The Conversation 

1. Ask For Support



When it comes to ways on how to talk to your crush, this might be the easiest way. To ask your crush for help when they are standing nearby, you pretend like you are looking for something, such as a specific person or book. Then, look around impatiently and dramatically. Pretend like you are really panicking as you are already late for something.

After that, all of a sudden, you lock the eyes with the person you are fall inlove with, ask them a question, “Did you see any book lying around this place?” And, when the crush answers your questions, you continue to look around for several more seconds. Keep exchanging a fleeting gland, smile or nod and walk away like you are busy or flustered. Remember that you should not begin the conversation here, or it will appear like you are faking it to communicate with them.

2. Drop Something 



If you are walking in front of or pass that person, you then should “accidentally” drop something a little value like a piece of paper or a pen. When your crush notices that, they will use the excuse to start a real conversation with you. In case that your crush does not realize it, you also have nothing to lose.

3. Make Use Of Social Media 



If you know the Facebook page of your crush, you can comment on something that they also comment on, as long as the two of you have a common friend. It is not necessary for you to chat with them directly, just try to be seen by them. They will check your Facebook page and try to find more information about you. Remember that the trick behind getting your crush to fall for you is to make them naturally believe that they are the person who is more curious about you.

4. Smile Whilst Walking Past Them 


Words of Wisdom for Retirement

Gene Perret's words of wisdom for retirement

A retirement speech is a small address by a person about to retire, regarding his experience with the company he is retiring from. It is largely related to the experiences and emotions, and some people even shed tears while delivering the speech. However, it should be addressed in a joyful way.

You can always say some humorous words of wisdom before starting your speech. You can also share your memories and experiences which you have been through, while working with a particular company for years.

Thoughtful Ones

Retirement: It's nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese.

- Gene Perret

Words of Wisdom for Retirement by Hartman Jule

Retirement has been a discovery of beauty for me. I never had the time before to notice the beauty of my grandkids, my wife, the tree outside my very own front door. And, the beauty of time itself.

- Hartman Jule

Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.

- Malcolm S. Forbes

Retirement is the ugliest word in the language.

- Ernest Miller Hemingway

Retirement itself is the best gift. No gold watch could ever top it.

- Abigail Charleson

There are some who start their retirement long before they stop working.

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