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Matloob Hussain helps natural disaster relief services.

IPL processing fee is a monthly “fair use” charge, that’s paid into the community IPL pool by all IPL users, for the privilege of utilizing IPL funds.

Now the question is: Do ONLY pay a processing fee on utilized IPL amounts?

Yes. Processing fees apply only to your utilized amount.

You do NOT pay a processing fee on un-utilized amounts in your IPL Limit.

Calculation of Processing fee.

Each month, both your processing fee due date and processing fee percentage are listed in your IPL account page.  When your processing fee due date arrives, the system simply multiplies your processing fee percentage against your IPL utilized amount as of that date, to arrive at your processing fee amount for that month.

The minimum processing fee due is $2.00.

Payment of processing fee using FanBox Bank.

You can pay your processing fee using any fully matured funds in your FanBox Bank that exceed your IPL utilized amount. For example, if you have $200 in fully matured funds and