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Shirley McLain helps homeless families.

My girlfriend sent me this and I had to share it. This is a picture blog of why mothers scream. I'm sure every mother with a grown child has a story or two to tell of thier childrens adventures. My story deals with my son when he was about tens years old. I was going to college and living on campus with my two children.  The President of the college lived behind the school in a house that sat upon a hill. It had about twenty concrete steps that came down the side of the hill that the President used to walk to the school.


At that time Evil Keneval was very popular.He was always trying new stunts that were shown on the television.One afternoon my son was on his bike and decided to ride it to the President's house via the road. He then decided he was going to be a dare devil like Evil Keneval. I saw him as he started down those twenty steps on his bicycle. He got about half way down when the bike flipped and he rolled down the other ten steps. I thought it had killed him, but thank God he survived. He had a lot of cuts and bruising but not severe injuries. God was with both he and I that day.


I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Subject: Why Mothers Scream so Much


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