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Shy boy and his friend shock the audience with the prayer.


    This was a shocking suprize when i first saw this video, it just goes to show you should never judge anyone for any


Hey This video is not playing .
it shows a message that this video has been blocked .

please check it and update it .. :)

15 months ago

It has been updated, please try now Navankur

thanks mate =;0)

15 months ago

still shows the same thing Rick

the message it shows is
"this video contain the content from Fremantle-Britains got talent ,
who has blocked it from display on this website ,

Watch on youtube "

15 months ago

That's strange mate, it's not blocked for me, it is playing right now every time i enter the blog

i uploaded it to my youtube account and got permission to use it ...so i don't understand why it is blocked for you =;0/

15 months ago