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Shy boy and his friend shock the audience with the prayer.


    This was a shocking suprize when i first saw this video, it just goes to show you should never judge anyone for any reason, whether they are talented or not.

Because simon cowell owns the world you are going to have to watch this clip on youtube (just click)


**Watch on youtube** .


Amazing New Singer

sorry for the inconvenience, thanks guys =;0)

Amazing New SingerAmazing New Singer
Amazing New Singer
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Hey This video is not playing .
it shows a message that this video has been blocked .

please check it and update it .. :)

40 months ago

It has been updated, please try now Navankur

thanks mate =;0)

40 months ago

still shows the same thing Rick

the message it shows is
"this video contain the content from Fremantle-Britains got talent ,
who has blocked it from display on this website ,

Watch on youtube "

40 months ago

That's strange mate, it's not blocked for me, it is playing right now every time i enter the blog

i uploaded it to my youtube account and got permission to use it ...so i don't understand why it is blocked for you =;0/

40 months ago