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How to Pay IPL Processing Fee

I just paid my IPL Processing Fee for this month. Let me show you the whole process here. . .

How to Pay IPL Processing Fee


As what you can see, I had been given a $2500 IPL limit. But, you only need to pay the utilized IPL funds + the processing fee every month till you had paid or returned all the IPL funds that you had utilized to FanBox. The due date for paying the processing fee is in September 24, 2012. But, when I visited the IPL page, I noticed the Pay now link and the amount to be paid beside


Excellently done!!!

40 months ago


40 months ago

i want you to explain to me on phone

40 months ago

good post

40 months ago

Thanks for sharing very informative post...

40 months ago

good post . i like it .but what happend if i have no matured fanbox earning? and no paypal or credit card or monygram in my area how to pay my fee???

39 months ago

great good post

37 months ago

thank you

36 months ago

That was helpful, let me pay the processing fee now since the due date is 20th May, thanks!

33 months ago