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40 Ideas to Simplify Your Life With Some Extras Thrown In


Sometimes we have too many programs and unnecessary things on our computers. Simplify your computing time by going down to the essentials.

45 months ago

Say NO to somethings! yeah I am totally agree with this idea..... relaxation on our emotion is better to reduce stress in our brain

yup! that's useful tips in this era

43 months ago

Archylen I agree with you on the say NO to somethings. "By writing down lists of what you have to do in the future you free up your mind and your attention to focus on the present." Also reducing further stress on the brain. Thanks for commenting and happpy weekend.

43 months ago

36. Learn to let things go
Being a person who is easily angered, or who holds grudges is not conducive to living a simple and calm life. You need to let things go. Like water off a duck’s back, just move on with your life.

38 months ago

Perfect list for a perfect life!

15 months ago