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Is FanBox A Scam?

by Senator Brian Woosley on December 15, 2012



FanBox Success Guide


Part 2 - Is FanBox A Scam? 


Your video message is clear and informative. Thanks for sharing.

42 months ago

: agreed! People like to say stuffs and don't have a legit source to back it up---sometimes, I ask them do you even know what is Pyramid Scheme is & of course they get very defensive? But, ignorant people are all around--some choose to listen, and some just don't!

41 months ago

I agree completely with you! The problem with a lot of things in this world are that people would rather listen to what other people have to say, rather than spending a little time to come up with their own conclusions.

When people become followers, they can get cheated by listening to the wrong people or they miss out on a great opportunity by listening to the wrong people. Of course sometimes we get lucky by listening to others, but when dealing with information on the internet especially, it is important to find information from many different sources and then come up with a decision on your own.

41 months ago

Thanks for sharing...

41 months ago

I have observed that most of the mail coming to my inbox in the initial stage of joining FanBox goes to spam folder. FanBox Must have experienced such cases from many community people. Why so? Is there any action towards it? It's an initial image people build in their minds. (Natural phenomena). Hoping some comments on that.

39 months ago


Just because a message goes to a spam folder does not mean that it is spam. Depending on the way that your email host works, it may detect that the mail is coming from an automated response, which is how the majority of FanBox messages are sent. And so it marks it as spam.

All that you and anyone else that has this issue needs to do is add the FanBox email address to their contact list and then all of the messages will go to your inbox.

This is how the internet technology works - it has nothing to do with FanBox and only has to do with your email provider.

39 months ago

Right. That's why I mentioned earlier " initial stage". It is not a problem now. All the mails are coming in Inbox now. Thanks for reply.

39 months ago

Many people who are new to Fanbox experience have doubts about it...This was exactly me almost a month ago until I started to read about the history and mission of Fanbox... I am learning fast, reading and checking what people are doing..also I should thank my success coach Brian,who has been guiding me through this new experience ...

34 months ago

Glad to hear it! :)

It is hard to believe a good thing when we see it sometimes because we have all been let down so many times in the past - but FanBox is definitely the real deal!

34 months ago

Thank you for the great explanation and information shared here Senator Brian! I have been on FanBox for a few months but was not active due to my skepticism of FanBox as being a scam. Only recently I realized that FanBox is real and provides great opportunity to earn some real money, besides being a social media where I can build good friendship with people all around the globe. Thanks

34 months ago

Thank you for writing Jurayina!

I completely understand why you would have felt that way, but am glad you have come to see what this community really is about.

I really like how you put it - at the very least this is a social network where you can actually get paid to make friends and interact with others - at the most it can provide you a full time income on top of it all.

It all comes down to whatever you want to make of it really - all the best! :)

34 months ago

LOL! This old post of yours saved me. Seriously! I encountered a newbie asking if Fanbox is real, or if this a scam. She was told by many that it is according to her. I tried to explain a bit and told her that there are many blogs here clarifying that issue. Because I don't have time to look for her. Scanning my homepage and this pop up... :)) Every time Zoe published post it is mostly connected to my issue at those moments and now this... LOL!

Thank you for this Pres! Really!

All the best! :)

32 months ago

Great informative video on the subject matter! Will definitely minimize or allay
any fears the misinformed might have but not totally as you have both negative and positive minded folks in this World. Based on my own assessment and analysis, FanBox to me is among the most enjoyable, innovative and creative home business model I have ever come across to date. The negative folks obviously have not taken the time to understand the mission "Uplifting humanity by creating opportunity" and/or lacks the know-how in quantitative financial analysis. This Video should be added to the Learning Center. LWilliams, B.Com, Business Management

31 months ago