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About this Author

Anna P helps education for the disabled.

The best day recipe

by Senator Anna P on January 03, 2017

The Best Day Recipe

An ordinary morning. You are starting your ordinary day.

Do you want it to be ordinary?

Ask yourself a question:


Anna P

Have a beautiful DAY my friends !

72 months ago
Victor Jacob

Great recipe Anna !
It seems to me that you days are based on it. :-)
We all should try to do the same...

72 months ago
Manuela A.

My day was wonderful Anna $$, I try everyday to apply this receipe! But now after I read it I´m sure that tommorow my day will be more wonderful!!!

72 months ago
Anna .


Very inspirational post , Sweetie!
I love your photos and the song is just perfect.:)
Have a beautiful day you too!

72 months ago
Anna P

Thank you Victor for comment
Yes Manu , I am happy to know that !
Every day its a Wonderful DAY ...Keep smiling !

72 months ago
Anna P

Thank you my Lovely Anna
I'm happy you like it ....
Very much appreciate all your comments !

72 months ago
Anna P

Thank you my friends ,
You all sweet .
Beautiful day for all of you !

72 months ago
Koko S

lovely post, an inspiring post
I'll follow the recipe for sure
thanks for sharing my friend

71 months ago
Anna P

Thank you so much my friends
Very much appreciated !

71 months ago
Anna P

Thank you my friends
I'm happy you all like it !

70 months ago
Anna P

Thank you very much for comments and visits !

68 months ago
Anna P

Thanks my friends and fans for comments
The best day recipe ....Have a great time all of you !

67 months ago
CArMz Ca

Nice recipe of life. Like it! It's what we really need.

67 months ago
Anna P

Thank you for stopping by :)

59 months ago
Magnum Cassandra

Very nice...And the music suits well...Great ! Well done !

57 months ago
Jessicca Lee

This is a well written and presented recipe.
Sometimes a lot of us (definitely including me) tends to forget all these, especially "it is ok to lose". :)
Thank you for sharing!

56 months ago