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P E S Kartha helps global warming awareness.

The Cosmic Mind

by P E S Kartha on January 01, 2012



The Cosmic Mind

An analogy borrowed from science to understand a Spiritual point.

The Cosmic Mind

Space-time continuum may be roughly analogous to a membrane stretched across a framework, which, for all practical purposes, is the material universe of which we know so little about, that we are yet to graduate from the Kindergarten stage. 

Theory of Relativity indicate that anything with mass (or, what we call matter), warps or distorts this ‘membrane’. Larger the mass (e.g. planets, stars), greater is the distortion that it causes on the cosmic body. This phenomenon is due to gravitational force, which in turn, is owing to the mass of a body. However, unlike the universal matter, the universal energy, which also exists


this is the cosmic mind really wonderful share

49 months ago