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the sole purpose of our creation


“I was a hidden treasure;

I loved to be known,

Hence I created the world,

So that I would be known.”

(from Quran)


May Ram

thank you.

93 months ago
May Ram

You should write about love, Colin, thank you. :) x

Thank you Liza.
Thank you kashif.

I will upload the video again, Blu3.

92 months ago
May Ram

thank you x

89 months ago
Krishna Singh

Thanks. Very interesting. But there is still confusion about creation .

89 months ago
Georgiana S

nice post,May! but the video was desactivated!

89 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, I will check :-)

89 months ago
May Ram

thank you, I will check. x

89 months ago
May Ram

my pleasure and thank you.

89 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Your video has been removed..

If there is no love, anything, any place, anytime have no value.
Lets love each other.

84 months ago