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Prayer to start your day
Father, I Thank you for each and every day you have blessed us here on earth. Thank you for your tender mercies. Thank you for giving us friends and family


here is a wonderful prayer to start your day

55 months ago

love to see ur post thanks for sharing

55 months ago

Thanks so much for your awesome comments. he is near you everyday

55 months ago

This is so beautiful!
i am amazed Dorothy!
Miss you ! where you so long time.
Rated 5*CAD
Yours friend Nicole
I will always be here at the comment section when the post is great!

55 months ago

thanks Zoya

54 months ago

Thanks all for your visit and post

53 months ago

Start your day with a prayer

51 months ago

Thanks Lorri you are most welcome. $im thanks for being here $weet $eme an Babes thanks for your vistit

50 months ago