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I found a very interesting article regarding with nudity and islam.


Niqabis And Nudists

I have a vision for a better Britain. As the French government banned the niqab or ‘face veil’ in 2010, some Muslims in the UK and other parts of the Western world are becoming increasingly nervous. “What if this type of right-wing, anti-Muslim campaign extends throughout Europe and North America? What if it doesn’t stop with niqab? What if next, they want to ban the hijab too? In France they’ve already done that in schools, and other public spaces!”


May Ram

thank you :-)

81 months ago
Valentin Beşliu

Nice post .

81 months ago
May Ram


81 months ago
Abdul Ali

nice post thanks for sharing

79 months ago
Rakesh Kasera

nice post..

77 months ago