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Hello my FanBox coexistents,

I just want to share my thoughts came from my FanBox experience.

Some members enter FanBox for the first time, and when

they saw their earnings, they try to cash out.

They ask their Success Coach  how to cash out.

But the thing is that they never bother to think where

those earnings came from, and how they are earning.

May be they believe in miracle and consider as a miracle.

Or just maybe they just don't care. 

Now about you!

Your Success Coach explain and tried to guide you to

build up earning so that you can cash out monthly.

If you accept and work as you Success Coach then you are

free from the disaster in the following video.

But if you just ignore all the gudes and advice, and tried

to get money from here without doing anything that help

yourself and others, then you will end up as in this video.


Catharina Claessens

Thank you May. The pink panther video is awesome :)
Indeed, if you work you will be rewarded and you can not expect money for doing nothing.

61 months ago
May Ram

My pleasure. :-) It is very easy to work, we just need to work correctly. And Pink Panther is my fav.

61 months ago
Lina Tanase

:)) Very, very funny :))
It is true, that some people believe that FanBox is a lottery and asks the salary :))
But we try to guide build his business ... no work, no money :)
Very funny! Thank you very much!:))

61 months ago
May Ram

No work, no money, indeed. We need to earn, not ask. :-)

61 months ago
Miya Scort -Rusalii

Very Funny Post ...Lovely ...

61 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, I like that panther except from pink. :-D

61 months ago
Tran Tinh

Very funny video! I like it! Have a nice day to you !

61 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Funny and meaningful post. Thanks for sharing.

61 months ago
Marry Unchang

LOL! thank you for brighten my day..

60 months ago
Pete Moss

thanks May a wry post indeed thanks for your advice

53 months ago
Massimo Marras

I agree with you May, we need to work hard and after will see result. My coach has been so good to teach me many things about Fanbox, after 8 months I can say I'm very good student, eh eh. great post May

53 months ago
Aliya Arooj

wonderful lines and very funny video i enjoyed it thank you

51 months ago
Shailesh Lopez

We have to follow the principle of guided "Karma" or else we will be end up like Pink Panther.
A classy animated video giving clear message and lot of fun.
Thanks for editing the Blog-pot.

51 months ago
Tita Tanta Muntean

Si aici iti trebuie un pic de initiativa ca doar antrenorul de succes nu poate face treaba in locul nostru si iti trebuie si mult prea multa rabdare ca sa nu vorbim de timp .Cei ce nu au o activitate au timp dar cei ce muncesc aici nu au o mare sansa de munci multumesc

51 months ago
Pete Moss

hi couldn't see the video this time - think i have an idea - thanks May

51 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

I totally agree with you. Most of people only want to cash out without working. It's only working in the heaven.
For my experiences, we always work well to get answer for 5 W and 1 H, if we follow that rule, we will succeed without any big block in our road.

49 months ago
Gulnara Uralsk

I did not know before when watching Pink Panther, instructive cartoon

28 months ago