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Hello my dear members,

My apology for not being able to keep in touch with all of you, due to my limited time.

Now I would like to share one of the collest features.


Lina Tanase

Good advice! I also, be P.U. Bronze!:)
Congratulations, May!:)

62 months ago
May Ram

Great plan, milady. :-)

62 months ago
Giana Elgiana

Congrats May !!
I am looking forward to this moment too :-)

62 months ago
May Ram

Me too, for you, dear girl.

62 months ago
Liliana Mihaela

Amazing post, thanks and have a nice day!

62 months ago
May Ram

It is my pleasure, Liliana. You too have an amazing day.

62 months ago
Anna P

That is awesome, May.
Now is the time for everyone to become Bronze Power User! :)

62 months ago
May Ram

100% agree , Anna. :-)

62 months ago
CArMz Ca

Nice one.

62 months ago
Edwin C.w. Leung

Great advise. I will try my best to become a Bronze power user.

62 months ago
May Ram

Good luck, Edwin. :-)

62 months ago
Pete Moss


60 months ago
Massimo Marras

good suggest May, at the moment personally I do the best with red PU, yesterday 156$ with red PU. Bronze could be next one according with my success coach. thanks for this post May, always you give to us many interesting experience in your Fanbox life.

53 months ago
Glory Raman

Thats a great posting. Thanks May.

50 months ago
Ekaterina Zhernokleva


29 months ago