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Key Words

by Congresswoman May Ram on October 30, 2011


Key words

Good morning Everyone

I am not sure whether it would be concern as a fanbox issue.


May Ram

Yes Einin, there are a few.
Thank you both, :) XX

92 months ago
May Ram

thank you, :) x
Hoi Edo, met mij goet, ben net thius, van mijn vakantie.

92 months ago
May Ram

thanks Yasir.

Edo, in Cyprus.

92 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

banyak udang banyak garam
banyak orang banyak ragam (malay saying)

more prawns need more salt
more people there are more characters (my own translation).

92 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Excellent Post!
But May Ram its a common issue. Thousand new people are joining day by day. All are not a writer but when they join and stay here for few months they learned from this community members and playing a vital role for Fan Box success. They even don't know how to create a post but with the passage of time they are becoming a valuable member of the community. Some can write well but they don't know how key words play a best role for search. We should know that why Fan Box are paying us for categorizing and rating just because thousands people are creating posts and they are using a wrong keyword and its our duty to categorize the post and suggest a relevant key word for that post.

92 months ago