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My muse today

by Congresswoman May Ram on October 26, 2011

My muse today

Good morning Everyone.

I was just having my breakfast , and checking my return flight.

Today is my last day in Cyprus for this year.

I felt somehow stuck. And I saw her comment on one of my post.

Then I remember one of her blog, I very much like.


May Ram

I am back home, thanks all.
Kisses, My Nicole, from Holland.
My pleasure Ekta, x

92 months ago
May Ram

my pleasure Paula

92 months ago
Anna .

Good morning, May!
Welcome back! :)
Awesome video and music! I love it!

92 months ago
Amar Saeed

You have so much love, to give. That's one of the many things , I love about you, love.

90 months ago