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My muse today:

the famous unknown


He was always there with a smiley face,

I have never known who he really is.

All I know how he is from reading his post.


Anna P

This HE , is a super muse May , Very nice your post
Wonderful and very creative ....I know ..You want a comment from him ...:))
Hope he 'll com to read your wonderful words !
Excellent Post ...I will rate your post 5* !

94 months ago
May Ram

Thank you, Anna,
Surely I would be happy if he could,
but I do understand if he couldn't

94 months ago
May Ram

finally we agree on one thing, Ekta. x

94 months ago
May Ram

I listen this music almost everyday, Michael, it calms me down, and brings me to another reality of life, how beautiful is. :) x

Thank you Don, :) x

93 months ago

I think u put a wide smile on HIS face
very nice post May as usual

93 months ago
Ophie L

Thanks May for sharing your muse on the famous unknown guy (JC)....*_*

93 months ago
May Ram

Thank you xxx

91 months ago