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Hello everyone,

Some of you asked me about why their investment is still pending, why not utilized yet.

1.maybe you asked too much  in minium return.

2.Maybe you limited whom or which posts or which field (love, life....) you wish to invest.


May Ram

my pleasure , :) x

93 months ago
Habib Ullah

nice Sharing Ram

93 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

yeah! that is right, so please keep calm and waiting

93 months ago
Krishna Singh


91 months ago
May Ram

:) x

91 months ago
May Ram

thank you

91 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

Great information on how investment is being utilized or not being utilized. Thanks for sharing. I learned more in your post. This answers my question in mind.

76 months ago
A,B,C,Eugene Verkhoturov

I really liked this. I will be glad to see you on my page again :)))

29 months ago
Mirt89 Vybornova

Great blog! Good luck!

28 months ago
Abdymitalip Kalygulov

Excellent post, good luck.

21 months ago