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Causes of Problems 


Good afternoon everyone.


Here I am again.

I just visited one of my fan’s post, a few to be exact.

Many are having problems with

     1.Not earning,  not as much as you think you should.

2.  Not getting fans , not as much as you think you should.

Let’s see what are the causes for these problem.


May Ram

I am trying to assist as much as I can.
I do not like to write such writing, I rather write poems.
It has been already a few days, I couldn't write any poems, because my mind is filled with Maria, and many like Maria, I am constantly thinking how can I assist them. From my heart I deeply hope , this post can assist them, and they can find some rest and relax, so that they can enjoy being on Fanbox, with us. X

93 months ago
Kristin Perry

I love the music you added to this post. It's very relaxing!

63 months ago
May Ram

:) x

93 months ago
May Ram

Today I read one post, the topic was never has been my choice. But amazingly, it was a great post. So I have learnt today=t from that experience that don't judge from the title or topic. e are so lucky to have many topics here , all we have to do it read, and read well, of course if we have time. Good luck Hani, X

93 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Thanks May. I have been trying to improve my work here lately. Yes, one for money, but also for my interest. I love to write if even just for myself. Your post was good info. Thanks.

93 months ago
May Ram

Me too love to write :-) thank you

83 months ago
May Ram

My pleasure Mekanie.
My dear Nicole, thank god, we have you here. If all are like me, there will be no one to take care of us :(.

Thank you for being here for us. XXX

93 months ago
May Ram

My pleasure Joen.
thanks Purple, Noel and Maria

93 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

Good observation and thank you for sharing!!! *_*
No.10 option letter D...self-improvement
Great post!!!

93 months ago
May Ram

Thank shi, and Zain.
My pleasure Roni.
Vivian, I knew it, you would choose only "D", :) x
Thank you Che-wita.

93 months ago
San Hazr3t

Love your post

93 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Very informative. By the way the background music is very enchanting..

93 months ago