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So what do Actors do between jobs?

What do Actors do between jobs?

The thing about being an Actor that can be most frustrating is that there are just not enough jobs to keep us all working all the time. It can be a long time between film jobs and/or plays. Whilst the actors in the public eye (the stars) make huge sums of money, most actors make barely enough to sustain themselves.

So what can you do as an actor between jobs? Obviously if your Brad Pitt or Sean Penn or Denzel Washington you clearly have enough money between jobs to not worry. But for your average "Support actor" it can really be a problem.

A lot of Actors take part time or full time casual jobs, jobs they can leave at short notice. Waiting on tables, Taxi driving, working in Coffee shops are all popular. As for me I have supported myself and


Very interesting and informative. I had a son-in-law who thought he wanted to get into acting and just started out being an extra or background person or whatever it's called, but the pay wasn't much and he gave it up before he went very far in the acting field. I can imagine how difficult it must be to earn a living if you aren't getting enough acting jobs. But I suppose if it is a passion you enjoy you find a way to accomplish it by taking on other work. Thanks for sharing.

39 months ago

Thanks Glenway ... Yes it is a hard and competitive business. Background acting is underrated within the industry, it is hard, tedious and often the background actors (extras) are teated very poorly ... occasionally referred to as "warm props"

39 months ago