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My secrets of seccess on FanBox

Here is how my name is on the top 10 leader board on FanBox.

Let’s go straight to the points.

1.   1.Creating a blog

  • 1.Choosing topics
  • 2.collecting data’s
  • 3.writing a post
  • 4.publishing a post
  • 5.checking whether my post is being published

2.  3.Creating ads>>>>coming soon

3.   4.Managing ads>>>>coming soon

   5.  Reading others posts>>>>coming soon

  • 1.read carefully,
  • 2.like or not
  • 3.categorize and rate
  • 4.add tags
  • 5.comment

6. Increasing fans

    7.Updating the old posts



Ophie L

Good tips in earnings...thanks for sharing your secrets to success.

94 months ago
May Ram

:) x

93 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

thank you may ram..

92 months ago
May Ram

my pleasure and thank you.

91 months ago