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3 simple steps to cash out thousands of dollars

My fellow FanBoxers,

In three (3) simple steps, I’m going to show you how you might be able to earn and cash out thousands of dollars -- or more – using IPL “I’ll Pay Later”.

Before you get started:

Get as much IPL as the system will give you.

In order to jump-start your earnings, as I'll share with you below, try to utilize the whole IPL amount as soon as you can on your ads, or by boosting other people’s ads.

---> If you don’t know how to do this, ask a free Success Coach.

Success Coaches are FanBoxers just like you; and they’re here to help you get your questions answered.


1) Step 1:  The magic of Ads and Boosts 

60 days after the month you earn on FanBox, you can use those earnings to purchase more ads and boosts.

Do that!

By using your earnings to purchase more ads and boosts, you’re not only re-using your original IPL funds to earn, but you’re also utilizing any potential profits that you earned before.

Here’s why this is important: 

You are NOT charged a processing fee when re-using any potential profits.

(You only pay a processing fee on your original IPL amount.)

So it’s really smart to put potential profits to work, to create earnings for yourself.

(Which you can put to work again, and again, and again….)

Using your profits is the secret to how most wealthy people originally became wealthy: 

By re-using profits again and again, wealth is accumulated at a faster and faster pace.


2) Step 2:  Use IPL for FREE

Each month, visit the directory and find a product or service that you need.

When you purchase something from the directory -- something that you would be buying from somewhere else anyway -- the system will give you back your entire processing fee!

Here’s exactly how that works:

A full one-third – or 33.3% -- of anything you purchase from your fellow FanBoxers goes right back into your FanBox bank as a "cash back earning", until you’ve earned back 100% of your last processing fee!

This is very important to understand because it essentially makes your IPL usage cost nothing for you.

Is this clear?

By using IPL, you’re already using OPM -- or “Other People’s Money” -- to generate earnings. 

OPM is a major “trick” that wealthy people use to make money for themselves… 

But it’s much better on FanBox:  

The magic here is that you’re using Other People's Money at no cost to yourself – because you’re earning back your entire processing fee.

And when you earn back your processing fee, it then also goes to work for you on your ads and boosts -- creating more earnings for you!

Oh, and can't find anything that you need in the directory? Don't worry, lots and lots of products and services are on the way -- because sellers are learning that lots of people are looking to earn back their processing fees. 


3) Step 3:  Automatically get a HIGHER IPL LIMIT 

This step is automatic (you don’t need to do anything):

If you’re a good citizen, the system will reward you with a higher IPL Limit. Just be patient.

Your ads and boosts can be set up to automatically take the higher limit and put it to work for you.


That’s it!

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3...

... and before you know it, you just might be on your way to earning -- and cashing out -- thousands of dollars!


In Summary:

Earning many thousands of dollars is as simple as:

1) Use your earnings for ads and boosts again and again.

NOTE: This is easy to do:

Just leave your ads and boosts “On”, and create more ads and boosts anytime you’re feeling creative.

2) Earn your entire processing fee back, by purchasing something you need -- anything at all -- from the product and service directory.

NOTE:  Each month, you can only do this during the first 7 days after your processing fee due date. 

3) Pay your monthly processing fee on-time, to maximize your chances that the system increases your IPL Limit. 


Then, sit back…

…and watch your balance grow as high as you want.


... cash out…

… when you have earned as much money as you want or need. Simply pay off your original IPL amount (using your FanBox earnings) and cash out.


and lastly…

By earning back your processing fee, you automatically become a Power User -- giving you additional earnings -- which means accelerating your path to your goals. (Learn about being a Power User)

Interested in reading a plan for cashing out $300,000 in 3 years?

ANY QUESTIONS? I'm here for you.


CArMz Ca

Great encouragement once again.. Ohh how I love to cash out those thousand and thousand of the $ you mentioned. We have to follow those advice then. Only FanBox offers this opportunity. Thank you so much.

50 months ago
Umair Siddique

I'm getting excited after reading all this.Fanb0x has made it so easy for us to sit and earn.Hats off to ya fanb0x team. xDD THANKs JOhny cAsh for sharing this with us :)

50 months ago
Zoe H

Thanks for sharing this really smart strategy! To answer your questions...sky is the limit!

50 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

It's a smart way to earn by using OPM...with little obligation, that is to pay the small fees. I hope this will work for last.

50 months ago
Ophie L

Thanks for sharing this great information on more earning ways using IPL.

50 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Here is one question: Are the ads working properly since IPL?
2. Why is FanBox using the money of inactive people for Boosting and my portfolios are not used?
3. Why did not have to pay IPL fee in September?
4. Do you think it is possible to list/sell Hostel or Hotel reservations or Flight tickets? How would that technically be possible?

50 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

BTW: My first goal is to be able to cash out 100 $ and then 1500$ a month

50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Tivadar, 1) I believe ads are working. 2) All members are equal 3) The system is being ramped up - some people were just granted their IPL processing fee 4) Everything is possible. Good luck!

50 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

One more question: If I have boosted $500 and I get $600 hence $100 profit: can this profit be used imediately for paying processing fee? Or how much is the maturation for this?

50 months ago
Koko S

Sounds great

but i tried to calculate the time of cash out after one WHO reinvested his money after 60 days, will it be after 5 or 6 months from now?
I THINK there will be no fully matured money for cash out before 5 to 6 months (for only one reinvesting)...AM I RIGHT?
and I am wondering before asking for cash out (after months) if we have to have fully matured money more than the total of the first IPL limit and the 2nd higher IPL Limit money?


50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Koko, just be patient. The system will increase your IPL Limit when you start to have a history of paying your processing fee on time. Should only take 1-2 months, and you'll start getting rewarded.

50 months ago
Koko S

thank u JC for ur reply

50 months ago
Jasha Good Luck

Very informative money is floating now on FanBox with IPL Every one is rich on Fanbox.Thanks for sharing.

50 months ago
*!Empowr With You*

That is sooo Sweet! perfect post JC! Always i said and i will keep saying the best site to be is at FanBox. Is better then FOREX.
.. You made very clear. Fees are only per IPL amount utilized not on the profits.
If you have $10.000 IPL credit, you will pay fees per $10.000 till you use all.
With $10.000 IPL profit from boosting and funding ads you might have more than $5000.00 profit which you are not paying any fee.
Is that correct JC?
.. You pay the one time fee $1 per activation, and after per fair usage amount IPL, till is used all.
............... JC you and the FanBox team you AWESOME!.. You know that and we will let everyone know about our FanBox!
....Thank you for all your hard work JC and FanBox team... We will work to make our FanBox top 100 online business!

50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Nicole, I am not sure I am fully understanding the question, but I will give it my best shot:


Your IPL Limit is $10,000. Out of that, you utilize $4,000. This means that you pay a monthly processing fee of 1.x% on that $4,000 utilized amount. You do NOT pay a processing fee on the $6,000 that you have not yet utilized.

Now, let's say you make a profit of $2,000, and you re-invest that $2,000 in Ads or Boosts. You do NOT pay a processing fee on that $2,000, and you do NOT pay a processing fee on any profits from that, and so on and so forth. Your only processing fee is on the original $4,000 of IPL that you utilized.

In a way, it may be useful to think of it like a credit card: If you get a $10,000 Limit but only use $4,000 of it, you don't pay interest on anything but the $4,000 that you used.

50 months ago
*!Empowr With You*

Yes! JC you got same best shot like how i go ti.
Maybe is to easy for me while i understand how it works.
We pay fees only on the amount utilized. If you have $10.000 and you use $4000 then there is your first processing fee per fairs usage.
You go for another portfolio and use the $6000 there it will be another processing fee per fair usage.
Considering IPl can be utilized to fund ads as well.
Is that correct JC?
.... I appreciate your time to answer to me , to us. You know we love you as well. *-*

50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yes, Nicole, I think what you're saying is correct. Have a nice day. :)

50 months ago
S. Khan

wow amazing i like it thanks JC i love u ...........................

50 months ago
Krishna Singh

Most useful information about IPL. When one activates IPL it gives an feeling that earning money is so easy.

50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Krishna, yes things seem like they are getting easier, because they are. With IPL, FanBox has made millions of dollars available to anyone that asks -- to be used to make even more money.

The old saying is that "It takes money to make money". In business and in life, there are the "Have's" and there are the "Have Nots". And by that, I'm talking about "access to credit" -- or OPM (Other People's Money) -- which is how the rich keep getting richer and richer. (And why it's so hard for the poor to get anywhere: No one will give them a chance).

Thankfully, FanBox has recently been able to secure more money for itself, and of course wasted no time in using all of it to advance its mission -- uplifting people.

Remember, everyone, the best and fastest way to uplift yourself, is to:

1) Re-invest all your profits - and the profits from your profits -- and the profits from those profits -- and so on and so forth.

2) Use IPL for FREE. Earn back your entire processing fee by buying something you need. This is critical so that you're using the money made available to you (your entire IPL Limit) at NO COST to you. Earning back your processing fee makes IPL into a 0% loan -- who has ever heard of anything like that?

The key here is that you have 7 days to take advantage of this -- from the date your processing fee is due. So if you processing fee is due on November 10, you have until November 17 to buy something you need -- anything at all -- and, like magic, the next day you'll notice 33.3% of the price you paid added to your Fanbox Bank as a "Cash Back earning".

3) Always pay your processing fee on time. Don't spam people's inboxes. Be a good citizen. Be polite to everyone so that no one reports you for anything, By doing that, within a month or two, the system will reward you with even more IPL -- which you can use to repeat steps 1,2 and 3.

The only limitation is in your mind.

PS: I will post about this soon, but it does not take a genius to figure out that another, huge way to earn, will now be selling goods and services, because as you can see, thousands of people will be stepping up, looking for things to buy.

Why? To earn their cash back earning!

So look around the house and see what things you can auction off... or do you have any skills you can offer to people as a service?

Clearly, some of the people making the most money will be those selling goods and services.

Another role that is seeing their earnings taking off -- are Success Coaches. Many people are looking for advice; and everyone is starting to earn a lot, thanks to IPL. So, speak to your Success Coach if you want to learn how to become a Success Coach. The key here, is that you have to love helping people succeed. If you don't love helping people, being a Success Coach is not for you.

Lastly, Teachers are also seeing their earnings take off. What's a Teacher? That's when you simply invite a friend to FanBox... When they earn, you earn. Learn how easy it is to be a Teacher -- all you need to do is help your friends succeed, by showing them what you have learned, and answering any questions they have.

50 months ago
Ophie L

Is it the next day right away, that "Cash Back earning" will be added to the FanBox Bank?
Because I have bought an Item last Oct. 3 and until now, Oct. 8, I did not see yet the "Cash Back earning" in my FanBox Bank. Or a day after, when I clicked the item is received, the "Cash Back earning" will be added to my FanBox Bank?

50 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

The same with me: I have bought something on the 15th of September and no Cash Back earning ever since...

50 months ago
Krishna Singh

Thanks Johnny
I am already a success Coach and am already following your advice. It will certainly help every one.

50 months ago
Johnny Cash

Yep, I've been seeing you around the community for quite some time. Thanks for being such an early believer... way before we had IPL to make life easier. I appreciate you and the other awesome Success Coaches so very much. :)

50 months ago
A.  Y. Z.

That's a great way to earn, keep the IPL work for you and play with the profits by reinvesting and reinvesting....how I wish I have a higher IPL limit. :) Thanks JC!

50 months ago