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New Product Launch:  I’ll Pay Later (IPL)

I am very excited to have the opportunity to announce the general launch and availability of this exciting, new product!

“I’ll Pay Later” – or IPL – is a fast and easy way for a person to immediately accelerate their earnings.

IPL lets you earn real money NOW - using FanBox Ads and Boosting – but NOT pay for those Ads and Boosting until LATER.

In short, IPL means the opportunity – for everyone -- to get ahead NOW.

It is one big step in the direction of “leveling the playing field” – one of our stated goals as a community.

What is IPL and how does it work?

First of all, the IPL page is located in your Dashboard, under the Start tab:

New Product Launch: I'll Pay Later (IPL)

You are provided a maximum limit (That’s called your IPL Limit).

You can accelerate your earnings on FanBox, by utilizing funds in your IPL Limit on Ads and Boosting as you normally would.

The amount of IPL funds that you have actually used to purchase Ads or Boosting, at any time, is called your IPL Utilized Amount.

Each month, you pay back into the IPL Pool a fee, that’s approximately 1.x% of your current Utilized Amount.  That fee is called your IPL Processing Fee.

Rather than repeat everything that’s already published in the IPL Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs), I’ve just copied the FAQS, below.

So read the FAQs, and then if you still have questions, please ask!


A few notes:

1) In order to handle the demand, IPL is rolling out to all FanBoxers, in stages – based only on membership date (oldest members first) – and regardless of country of origin, race, religion, gender or age.

Don’t worry. If you don’t have access yet, you will shortly.

2) Before cashing out, you’ll need to pay down any IPL amounts that you have utilized, but you can use your matured funds in your FanBox Balance to pay down your utilized IPL amounts, and even to pay your processing fee.

3) All users start with a $100 IPL Limit.

Some FanBoxers will notice, however, that the system has already granted them a higher IPL Limit.

This is a one-time benefit to our older (Charter) members -- that have been very patient during the (still-in-progress) alpha (pre-beta) release of the FanBox project. 

All other users will start with $100 – and that limit will be increased for them, as they create a history of on-time processing fee payments.


So, please read the FAQs – and let me know if you have any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your IPL Limit

What is my IPL Limit?
Your IPL Limit is the maximum amount of IPL funds that you’ve been cleared to utilize – and accelerate your earnings with -- at the current time.

What is my starting IPL Limit?
All FanBoxers start with an initial IPL Limit of $100 USD, which can be increased, in incremental steps, with the passing of time as you achieve each qualifying step.

NOTE: People that signed up for FanBox a long time ago (we call them Charter Members) may be granted a one-time higher limit - depending on how long ago they signed up.

May I have my IPL Limit increased from its current value?
When you qualify, your IPL Limit can be increased.

Qualifying factors include, but are not limited to your profile completeness level; community factors such as your fan quantity and quality; the ratings of your blogs, products and services and, most importantly, your processing fee payment history.

Who should I ask to increase my IPL Limit?
There is no need to ask anyone: IPL Limit increases are triggered automatically by the FanBox system as you become eligible, also depending on the availability of IPL funds in the community IPL pool (see below for definition).

Do I need to utilize my entire IPL Limit?
No. You are not required to utilize your entire (or even any of your) IPL Limit.

To not utilize your entire IPL Limit, simply refrain from purchasing ads, or Boosting. Also, turn your current ads or Boosts to “Paused”.

Please note that IPL funds come from a limited pool. (You can read about the community IPL pool, below). As a result, funds not utilized within a reasonable period of time will be automatically returned to the community IPL pool for other FanBoxers to enjoy.

Can I reduce or pay down my IPL Limit at any time, and then increase it again in the future?
Yes. Simply pay down any utilized amounts to automatically lower your IPL Limit.

Once your IPL Limit is completely paid down and returned to the community IPL pool, your IPL Limit will return to the initial level of $100 USD.

Then, depending on the availability of funds in the community IPL pool, your IPL Limit can be incrementally increased, in steps, over time as you once again achieve each qualifying milestone.

Please note that reaching a previously achieved IPL Limit level will take patience, as the system automatically increases IPL Limits in progressive steps as each qualifying level is once again achieved.

Your IPL processing fee

What is my IPL processing fee?
IPL processing fee is a monthly “fair use” charge, that’s paid into the community IPL pool by all IPL users, for the privilege of utilizing IPL funds.

Do I ONLY pay a processing fee on utilized IPL amounts?
Yes. Processing fees apply only to your utilized amount.

IE: You do NOT pay a processing fee on un-utilized amounts in your IPL Limit.

The minimum processing fee due is $2.00.

How is my processing fee calculated?
Each month, both your processing fee due date and processing fee percentage are listed in your IPL account page.

When your processing fee due date arrives, the system simply multiplies your processing fee percentage against your IPL utilized amount as of that date, to arrive at your processing fee amount for that month.

The minimum processing fee due is $2.00.

May I pay my processing fee using my FanBox Balance?
Yes. You can pay your processing fee using matured funds in your FanBox Balance.

If you have matured funds available in your FanBox Balance at the time your processing fee becomes due, the system will automatically pay your processing fee for you, from those funds.

If your FanBox Balance does not have matured funds available at the time your processing fee becomes due: 

If you have protected your account using the free Account Protection Plan, your processing fee can be automatically charged to your PayPal or credit card – thereby eliminating any potential penalties for late payment of your processing fee.

If your account is unprotected, you can manually pay your processing fee on or after the due date, using your credit card, PayPal or Payza account.

Can I effectively lower -- or even eliminate -- my processing fee?
Yes. Each month, you can effectively lower or even completely eliminate your processing fee.

This can be accomplished by purchasing products, services or premium blogs -- within 7 days of your processing fee due date -- and automatically receiving a cash back earning up to the amount of your processing fee.

With each item purchased, a full third (33.3%) of your purchase price will be automatically injected into your FanBox Balance as a “cash back earning” – up to the amount of your processing fee -- after your processing fee is paid.

NOTE: Each month, you have 7 days from the date your processing fee is due, to take advantage of this feature.

How long do I have to pay my processing fee?
You have 10 days to pay your processing fee, starting from your processing fee due date.

What happens if I don’t pay my processing fee?
0 days after your processing fee is due, if any portion of it remains unpaid, a $10 USD penalty will be charged to your FanBox Balance.

After another 20 days, if any portion still remains unpaid, your processing fee for that month will double.

Eventually, if it still remains unpaid, your IPL account may be subject to termination; with both un-utilized IPL funds and earnings returned to the community IPL pool for use by other community members.

Why does my processing fee change each month?
Each month, your processing fee will likely be different from the month before, because it’s likely that you have utilized a different IPL amount. Remember, you only pay a processing fee on your utilized amount, not your IPL Limit.

Also your processing fee percentage can vary slightly each month based on economy utilization factors that are variable.

Other questions

What’s the community IPL pool?
The community IPL pool is the total funds available for use by FanBoxers via their IPL accounts.

Are there any set-up fees for using IPL?
Yes. There is a one-time set-up fee of $1.00.

Can I pay my set-up fee ($1.00) using my IPL funds? 

Yes. Upon activating your IPL account, your one-time set-up fee is automatically charged to your IPL account.

What kinds of ads can I utilize my IPL funds on?
You can utilize your IPL funds for your ads that promote your blogs, or the blogs of other people.

Also, using the Boost product, you can earn by utilizing your IPL funds to Boost the ads of other FanBoxers.

In addition, IPL can fund your ads that promote your products, services and premium blogs – and even the products, services and premium blogs of other FanBoxers.

Given that IPL is a brand, spanking-new product, will there be any bugs, confusion or issues?
Most likely, yes.

If you are uncomfortable with being among the first to utilize highly complex new products and services that are likely to, at first, have bugs and issues -- and even create confusion -- it is highly recommended that you wait a few months for most or all of the wrinkles to be ironed out, before utilizing IPL.

May I use my un-utilized IPL funds to directly purchase products and services for sale on FanBox?
When you first activate your IPL account, you’ll be able to use your IPL funds for ads and Boosting.

Then, based on your on-time payment of your IPL processing fees, and your resulting growing IPL Limit, you’ll notice that your account will enjoy an incrementally expanding ability to purchase anything on FanBox using un-utilized IPL funds.

Before cashing out, of course I’ll need to pay off any utilized IPL funds, but can I actually use matured earnings in my FanBox Balance to pay off my utilized IPL funds?
Yes, you can utilize matured earnings from your FanBox Balance to pay off your IPL amounts owed, or pay your processing fees.

In addition, you can also use your PayPal, credit card, Western Union, MoneyGram or Payza account to pay off your IPL funds utilized. 


Le Thanh Kong

that's so great, I am waiting for the announcement from you about IPL. I will translate it into vietnamese for our users. And it is also my way to go through the content of IPL.

Thank you so much.

69 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Không, Việt Nam xịn 100%, chưa bao giờ bước chân ra khỏi biên giới Việt Nam. À quên, trừ 1 lần đi du lịch ở Thẩm Quyến, Trung Quốc --- nhưng khi đó dùng tiếng Trung (ni hao, xia xia)

68 months ago
Ophie L

Great information on new product, IPL.

69 months ago
Sandra Mosley

JC thanks for the post.

69 months ago
CArMz Ca

Thanks for the great info JC.

69 months ago
кαтнεяιηε  ηℓcιтιzεη

Awesome JC, I think everyone receive answers here =) Really IPL will help brighten our future.

69 months ago
Alex Aurora

thx JC and fanbox for this new releise.

69 months ago
Dulal Phukan

whether I am doing right or wrong by activating my IPL account suddenly. I hope what Fanbox is doing that is only for the for the benefit of Fanbox community .

69 months ago
Johnny Cash

Dulal, I assure you that the only reason the employees (and now the SCs) have worked so hard -- often (for years) without even a paycheck, is for the benefit of the community. No one in their right mind would work so hard - as much as 18 hours a day, often without a day off in weeks at a time, for low or no pay, unless they believed that something incredible was possible -- something that would help people improve their lives and lift themselves up and closer to their potential.

69 months ago
Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

Can I pay my set-up fee ($1.00) using my IPL funds?

Yes. Upon activating your IPL account, your one-time set-up fee is automatically charged to your IPL account.

Hi JC, can you explain a little bit more about this? Thanks.

69 months ago
Johnny Cash

Nasa, there is a one-time fee of $1 to use IPL -- but you do NOT need to pay it with your credit card or paypal -- for your convenience, it can be (and is) automatically paid using your IPL funds.

69 months ago
Georgiana S

Thanks JC for this post, so everyone will understand! I tested for some days now and I will tell my clients too how it works!
Mari Lou, if you do not want to activate your IPL, don't do it!
But remember, once activated will be your option on funding your ads
Ads currently consume money, is as follows:

1) IPL
2) Topped-up funds
3) Matured funds
4) Credit card or PayPal
I hope this information helped :)

69 months ago