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Maximize your earnings with Notifications 

The new Notifications feature is live:

Maximize your earnings using notifications

The purpose of Notifications is to make it easier for you to build your LOYAL fan base.

You will be notified whenever someone leaves a comment in any of your blog posts - so that you can quickly respond to them to ensure you maintain their interest in you and your blogs.

Notifications are also sent to you when people bid, like or leave comments on any of your products or services or photos.

Remember, the best way to build your earnings on FanBox is to create a LOYAL fan base.

To maximize your earnings:

More important than the QUANTITY of fans, is the QUALITY of your RELATIONSHIP with your fans.

(Haven't you noticed that sometimes people with lots of fans make less money than people with less fans? This is because the quality of your relationships is more important than just having lots of fans).

So, to maximize your earnings by building HIGH QUALITY relationships, be sure to ALWAYS respond to everyone that has taken the time to leave you a comment or question.

By doing so, you will become more important to them, so they will spend more time in your blogs... and the compensation algorithms will also recognize that you are building quality relationships.

The new Notifications feature will let you know immediately when someone has left a comment in your blogs.

Your fans are your customers.

Try to not miss any opportunity to satisfy your fans -- and soon you will notice that they are there for you.

Any questions? I'm here for you.


Basharat Jehan

thanks you jhony cash its very good addition to fanbox yours friends are now more near to you

66 months ago
Charlene Hawkins

Awesome!! I think this will make it much easier to reply to your fans comments and stay up to date on services and products.

66 months ago
CArMz Ca

Thank you for this new feature as NOTIFICATION. It really help us to respond immediately from our fans and readers.

66 months ago
Melanie Jarman

Awesome new feature. Thanks JC!

66 months ago
Jasha Good Luck

Bravo Johnny cash! All these points what you have released today , been haunting in my mind since long.Notification step is very good. Just now ,I noticed the red numbers in 3 rows above the inbox, and calling for my attention, when I checked it I found the new notification.Before this I have been sending loyalty messages to my fans even if the comments were made years ago. It's an etiquette too.
Every one who works in the virtual world on FanBox deserves good compensation.

66 months ago
Katherine (nl Citizen)

My comment is I just love it... lol

66 months ago
Nourein Mohssein

Really it is very professional Updates it makes following blog`s comments more easier We are so happy indeed
BUT I wish
- Fan box make cooperation with Most Popular Video Sites
(Netflix - Daily Motion -MetaCafe-MySpace Videos -Yahoo! Screen-Vimeo- OVGuide -Video Bash),
- We can navigate to the Design area for our blog. To use the Custom CSS feature,
Anyhow I love Fan box because I can read more stories and share my stories too... I can earn..... I wish good health, big energy and all the best for Fan Box team and for all people! THANK YOU...... Long live Fan box and all who contribute to its success!
"Finally every day and every moment I feel good by using this site"

66 months ago
* Arlene *

I'm so glad this feature has finally been launched. It's exciting and very helpful for the whole community!

66 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Thanks for the nic creative idea of FanBox.

66 months ago
Viva Lits

thanks JC for another great effort
but I have a request for you
here it is:
can you make an edit mode to the title and photo of an ad
because sometimes after submitting the ad, I think of a better title for the ad I've made but I can't edit it anymore
the same case with the photo which I want to change but can't edit it because there is no edit mode.
thank you for your support

66 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Best and very awesome updating you are right this new thing gives us ability of quick response and really this is awesome opportunity.
Thanks for share this awesome post.

66 months ago