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Selling something? Here's how to protect yourself

As you may have noticed, Auctions are taking off!

Let's all be on the lookout for fraudsters - anyone looking to take advantage of our community and members.

If you are selling something, here's how to protect yourself:

Fraudsters are looking to hack into accounts, and buy products using other people's money.

Therefore, if you get a message that sounds anything like the following, report it immediately:

  - I purchased your product with my other FanBox account.

  - I purchased your product and I'll send you a message from my other account.

  - I purchased your product, here is my phone number: 555-1234 

  - My other ID was hacked! Please contact me here (on my email address or I.M.) from now on.

  - I just bought your product and I want to pick it up from you in-person immediately.


If you hear anything like that, please report it immediately to FanBox's Jonny Mollins


Also, whenever someone buys your product, before you ship it or deliver it, if you would like someone at FanBox to give you an opinion about whether your buyer is real or fraudulent, write to Jonny Mollins.

Lastly, please change your passwords to both your FanBox account and your Yahoo mail, Hotmail (or other) account every few weeks.

Auctions have taken off like wildfire -- so let's all be on the lookout for anyone looking to take advantage of the excitement!

Happy Providing! :)


Melanie Jarman

Thanks for the info

67 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

hi jc, can you tell me more clearly about the shipping of articles available for purchase. Some articles are very interesting for me and bid for it. But on looking carefully those seems to be available for specific reason like USA, Pakistan etc.. Why i am writing is they are marked as shipping to US or any other country. What can happen if i am the winner of the article i bid for is marked as the said condtion?

67 months ago
Bash Syed


67 months ago
Mr & Mrs Jake

Thanks JC for the info....a few months ago even now...I received so many message asking for help...giving their Bank acct.details,Paypal ID...in order to send them amount of money.and some others are asking me to contact them on there personal e-mail add.
I love to help but not like this...I don't want to wasted my money to the persons that I don't even knew him/her.Except Fanbox will notify me that this person is in need of help.

I did reply them...like this: Hi dear, send message to anyone at Fanbox Team..that your asking for help from me...and If fanbox team will give a message for me to help you..then I will help you.But nothing heard from them after that.

JC..please advice.

67 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

thank you JC, it's a best warning

67 months ago
Sari Along

beware of fraudsters

67 months ago
Rosalia Marco-Vidanes

great...thanks JC...now we've got someone to send reports to. @ Mariah: Okela's a point . Paypal responds promptly to reports. I tried that a number of times and they never fail to respond immediately. And, yes, transfers to paypal is faster.

67 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Thank you Johnny Cash for sharing this important information.
One more thing!
When some one buy any product and the seller send the product to the buyer.
So if after receiving the product if the buyer not confirm so what the seller do because the amount is pending and need the confirmation from the buyer.
And if we suppose that the buyer confirm the product first, then the seller send the product so if after conformation, the seller not send the product to the buyer so what the buyer do.

67 months ago
Krishna Singh

Very useful information about FanBox auctions and protecting against frauds.

67 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

Thanks JC, I will be carefull.

67 months ago
Syed Irfan Hussain

thanks nice information.

67 months ago