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Love Love Stories

by Amjad Jawaid Khan on October 17, 2012

The Greatest Real Life Love Stories in History

Angela Coleman

There have been some historical figures who are known as much for their romantic exploits as they are for their great contributions to society. Their genuine love stories contain elements of joy, sadness, regret and redemption, but each testifies about the greatness of true love..

Five of the best examples of this are:

Jacob and Rachel

Even if you have never personally read the Bible, you may still have heard of one of its greatest love stories, told in the Book of Genesis.

Jacob, the son of Isaac, had to leave his father's land, after he tricked the father into bestowing his blessing on him, instead of to his twin brother Esau, who it should have rightfully gone to, since he was the firstborn twin. Back then, the father's verbal blessing was like a binding contract, which couldn't be revolked.

Needless to say, Big Bro' was furious and Jacob had to escape his wrath by going to stay with a relative named Laban. Laban had two daughters, the older one being Leah and the younger one being Rachel. Apparently, Jacob fell in love at first sight with Rachel and asked to marry her. Laban, a pretty crafty guy, told Jacob that he could marry his daughter if he promised to work for him for 7 years.

I don't know too many men today who'd be willing to wait that long for a woman, so Rachel really must've been something special. At the conclusion of the 7 years, Laban did, technically, give his daughter to Jacob as a wife. Since the traditional wedding garb for a female during that time consisted of a heavy veil and because the newlyweds consummated their wedding night in a dark tent, Jacob didn't discover, until he rolled over, in the morning light, to see that it was Leah and not Rachel beside him.

Naturally, Jacob was extremely upset, so Laban appeased him by giving him

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