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Balance Yourself, Not Work and Life

BalanceI love my work. I mean I really LOVE my work. Do you? Are you creative and compelled to excel? Do you find happiness in relationships with your work-friends and colleagues? Do you like being part of something bigger than yourself? Me too. Work is fun and meaningful and I am completely dedicated to writing, leading my team and advising leaders whom I respect.

And then there's life -- so much more important than work. It's true, right? Work doesn't even run a close second to the beautiful little children in your life, or even the teenagers who get on your last nerve. Work pales in comparison to your love for your partner or relationships with family and friends. I even include my dogs and cats in the more-important-than-work list. I love Tula, Keiki, Pika, Tiko and Tiger (also known as Mikey). And then there's spirituality, learning, dedication to making our world a better place -- all these make life worth living.

Some of us are lucky -- we love our work and we have full, rewarding lives. It's a wonderful thing. But we are busy. No breaks, no boundaries -- texts from kids, tweets pouring in, emails all night... It never stops. Most of us have no idea how to manage it all.