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Remembering DJ Screw

by Gansta Marcus P on September 30, 2012

DJ Screw

July 20, 1971

Justin Beiber fashion statementIt's time we discuss the elephant in the room that is Justin Bieber's now ever-present black, thick nerd glasses. At first it was just an innocent game of dress-up. And we thought, "Oh cute, look at Justin Bieber hopping on the bandwagon."Justin Timberlake did it. Jay-Z did it. Kanye West's done it. But now Justin's showing up everywhere in them, and things are getting out of hand. Where did our affable young glasses-free Justin Bieber go?

Lil Boosie Sound alike

by Gansta Marcus P on November 09, 2010

419 To The 662, Gansta Marcus