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Paul Bedson helps fight childhood obesity.

Finding Eden

by Paul Bedson on January 08, 2011

The story of those who found The Garden of Eden.

Finding Eden

The Rashaya Basin in Southern Lebanon - The original Garden of Eden and suggested central site of the Neolithic / Agricultural Revolution.


History is the only true psychology and the only true philosophy - Napoleon Bonaparte

This is my record of what may be considered the most important archaeological discovery of all time. I must make the acknowledgement right from the start that I have only played a small role in this, as once a young Christian O'Brien admitted regarding his role in the discovery of Choga Zanbil...

Back in the Summer of 2009, I had been pondering how to best contribute my life to science and and come up with a little plan. There are widely accepted theories of Sumerian Origin of many Biblical stories, and I had studied these for several years. I had also met a fascinating historian, Edmund Marriage of The Kharsag Research Project (www.goldenageproject.org.uk), who was championing a theory of his deceased Uncle, Christain O'Brien. The theory was proposed in a series of self-published books that agriculture restarted from an '
Eden' or 'Kharsag' site in the Rashaya Basin, Lebanon - Near Mount Hermon. Christian O'Brien's theory refers to the 4 rivers in Genesis and translates them as 4 watercourses built to irrigate the levelled plain of Eden. Edmund had spotted the watercourse and reservoir using Google Earth in 2006 and had taken over his late Uncle's work after his death in 2001. Using the newly released satellite photography, he had also found various ruined structures he believed could have been houses, dykes, a granary and perhaps even the sluices, which would have been gated division points of the watercourses. No-one had got any 'on-the-ground' pictorial or video evidence for this. Edmund had  threatened to make the journey himself, but in his 60s with failing legs, he had issued an open challenge. For people to go rent a car, drive to the farms that are currently in this valley and get permission from the farmers of the area to photograph and video the watercourse, suggested sluice structures and other locations and bring them back for public record, peer examination and review. Well, I wanted to don my best Indiana Jones hat and go and do it!

Imagine if you could be the person to show the first pictoral evidence of the real Garden of Eden site and help begin to show all these "religiously" blinded people the natural origins of that word.

What we found might just help do that.

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