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Sasa Mome helps after-school activities for kids.

I found this on BabyCenter.com and I liked it so much and found it so useful that had to share it with everyone! Enjoy!
Being a good listener is critical to your child's success at school. If he can't follow directions, whether on the playground ("Pick a partner and pass the ball back and forth across the field") or in the classroom ("Take out a piece of paper and a crayon") — he'll have a tough time learning. Children who are good listeners also have an advantage socially — they tend to be very good friends to others.

Here are seven ways you can help your child become a better listener:

Be a good listener yourself

Don't interrupt your child when he's telling you a story. Give him your undivided attention when he's talking — don't read the paper or carry on a conversation

Importants of Communication

by Sasa Mome on December 08, 2011

It is very important to communicate with your children. I believe that the reason so many parents have so many problems with their child is because they don't understand the value of talking with their children. Many parents believe that they should do things to their children with out explaining why they are doing what they are doing. They think that

The Best Gifts for Kids

by Sasa Mome on November 07, 2011

Many Parents  and friends like to give their kids lots of toys for the Holiday's  but I believe that the best toys are the ones that are educational.The best gifts for a child are books, because if you establish the love of reading in your children at a young age the love of reading will last a life time.Some of the most peaceful time

Children are a blessing from God.They are so cute and pure and they bring Children are Gifts not Burdensme much happiness.A lot people see children as a burden which is very sad.

 Children are very perceptive and very intelligent.One can learn things about themselves and others threw children.Its very interesting that we as adults often believe that children don't have feeling because they are little

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