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Love and God

by Congresswoman May Ram on November 19, 2011

How to Reciprocate God’s Love in Islam

Act in a manner that would please God

Perfection in Islam

by Congresswoman May Ram on November 08, 2011

God, man’s Real beloved

“I have turned my face towards him who created the heaven and the earth…” Holy Quran (6:79)

$exuality in Islam

by Congresswoman May Ram on November 05, 2011

An Islamic  Perspective  on  $exuality

In Islam, $exuality is considered part of our identity as human beings.

God, man’s real beloved

“Surely my lord is all-merciful, all-love.”

Holy Quran (11:90)



the sole purpose of our creation


“I was a hidden treasure;

I loved to be known,

Hence I created the world,

So that I would be known.”

(from Quran)

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