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I found a very interesting article regarding with nudity and islam.


Niqabis And Nudists

I have a vision for a better Britain. As the French government banned the niqab or ‘face veil’ in 2010, some Muslims in the UK and other parts of the Western world are becoming increasingly nervous. “What if this type of right-wing, anti-Muslim campaign extends throughout Europe and North America? What if it doesn’t stop with niqab? What if next, they want to ban the hijab too? In France they’ve already done that in schools, and other public spaces!”

When babies get baptized in a Greek orthodox church they're naked. If a person was never baptized and wanted to once they were an adult do they also need to baptize naked ?

Being Baptized Naked!


As a naturist I am very much interested in all the articles about naturism, nudism and nudity. Here I found an argument in the following article very interesting.

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead Naked?

Health And Nudity

by Congresswoman May Ram on September 10, 2012



Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies


Is clothing crushing us? Are we trapped in tomb-like textiles, exiling our flesh from experiencing the environment? Are we atrophying our epidermis, our senses, our neuro-intelligence?

Why Nude Recreation?

by Congresswoman May Ram on September 07, 2012





Being nude is fun, healthy, and good for the soul. It promotes body acceptance and awareness, age acceptance, freedom, self-esteem, self-confidence, and celebrates one of nature’s greatest creations.  Naturally, nudity keeps the body from the restrictions of clothing, which shift and compress our bodies, and exposes the body to the air and sun, which has numerous health benefits.  The more aware we are of our bodies, the more likely we are to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.  But we will also be less judgmental of others who don’t have the stereotypical and hyped “perfect” body. 
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