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iPhone 6 Plus

by Congresswoman May Ram on June 21, 2015

My dear empowr citizens, Good day everyone!

Here I am again, to share one of my great emowr/FanBox experiences.

One of many results  of working along with empowr/FanBox team and the community in a symbiotic relatrionship in a harmony. 

 The topic is,  How I utilize my earnings in the most productive way, for myself and for the community.

With my immediate earning profits (without waiting to be matured), I just bought an iPhone 6 Plus in the empowr/FanBox Marketplace, to replace my iPhone 5 S.

It is an amazing device.

iPhone 6 Plus

Taken with iPhone 5s 

iPhone 6 Plus

My dear empowr and FanBox members,

It has been sometimes I have posted anything regarding my experience.

I just would like to comfirm all of you that you can achieve your goal here.

Let me remind you my  experiences.

I started  with my poems, without even knowing that I was earning.


In 2011, August, I looked around, and wonder how others were earning.

Since then, I started working seriously with commitment, against all odds.

Here is what FanBox Leader said:

Red Star

by Congresswoman May Ram on March 10, 2015

Red Star

Red Star

By now all of you must have noticed that you have the power to shape our FanBox nation.



Hello my FanBox coexistents,

I just want to share my thoughts came from my FanBox experience.

Some members enter FanBox for the first time, and when

they saw their earnings, they try to cash out.

They ask their Success Coach  how to cash out.

But the thing is that they never bother to think where

those earnings came from, and how they are earning.

May be they believe in miracle and consider as a miracle.

Or just maybe they just don't care. 

Now about you!

Your Success Coach explain and tried to guide you to

build up earning so that you can cash out monthly.

If you accept and work as you Success Coach then you are

free from the disaster in the following video.

But if you just ignore all the gudes and advice, and tried

to get money from here without doing anything that help

yourself and others, then you will end up as in this video.

Hello my dear members,

My apology for not being able to keep in touch with all of you, due to my limited time.

Now I would like to share one of the collest features.

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