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Another Cash Out From FanBox / empowr



Guys, I am very excited to show you another

Impossible to Cash Out, FanBox is a Scam!


I am still hearing this on FanBox, either from fans or friends or my students and it is sad and dissappointing when hearing it from the old users!

We have a saying in Romania: 

"Vulpea cand nu ajunge la struguri spune ca sunt acri" and it is translated somethig like this "When the fox cannot reach the grapes, says that they are sour"!



I am a simple user, I am just like you, I have nothing more than you have, only the fact

Cash Out

by Senator Georgiana S on August 02, 2014

Cash Out



Hi, my dear friends and fans!

I wanted to share with you my today cash out, it is not a big amount as I had lot of IPL utilized, but I have other $5000 of profit that I will cash out next months!



My FanBox  Success Story



My FanBox Success Story


It is awhile I have joined , FanBox    I think it was in 2009 or earlier. I am not so sure because that time it was nothing that really touched me. I was really confused, maybe how most of you are right now, I was writing some blogs, there were not many opportunities to earn, everyone was blogging and that’s all.



I was confused as I didn’t understand how really the site works and how we earn, I was seeing in my bank that I was earning, but didn’t understand when and if ever I will have those money in my pocket, the bank information was very poor, there still was the 90 days period of money maturation and for me it was so much, my money seemed to ever mature, I lost my patience and I decided to leave behind the site after reading some bad thoughts from unhappy users.

There were months, maybe an year till something “strange” happened. One morning  while I was still sleeping, I got a call. There was a man talking about FanBox  , he was asking me if this site is real, if it does pay people, how it works cause he noticed me on the top of the Italy’s  Leaderboard. I said to him, I am not really sure, cause it was awhile I didn’t signed in to FanBox, I left all behind. I didn’t had time to say more cause the call was interrupted. Asking myself how in the world that man found my phone number I opened  FanBox   after a very long time. And guess what? My balance had some matured money ready to be cashed out! I couldn’t believe, it seemed unreal, how is that possible? Who was that man who called me? I decided to send him a text message and let him know that YES FanBox   is REAL,  FanBox    is paying!!!! He didn’t answered, he didn’t called me back, but he remained in my heart. It was a coincidence that after his call I realized what opportunities I lost and that FanBox is real and is paying his community? I know you are curious, but I will come back to thi

Christmas Angels

by Senator Georgiana S on December 26, 2013
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